Huma Abedin Reportedly Opens the Door for Dick Pic Enthusiast Anthony Weiner

Despite filing for divorce from her weaselly, sexting husband Anthony Weiner just over a week ago, Huma Abedin has reportedly invited the dick pic enthusiast back into her home.

The New York Post reports that Abedin re-signed the lease of their New York City apartment and has invited him back into her home. Rumors of Abedin entertaining the notion of taking her husband back have been rumbling since March, so maybe this isn’t a complete surprise, but still. Weiner, who had been sleeping on his mother’s couch since January, was supposed to move out of their formerly-shared home on Tuesday. Now, the Post reports that might not be the case. Also, Huma hasn’t signed the divorce papers yet. It’s not clear whether or not Weiner’s name is on the lease; the brokers involved in the deal signed a non-disclosure agreement, so we can only speculate there.

The Post’s source noted that Weiner has been the sole caretaker of their child, watching him while Abedin worked on Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Maybe that’s why she’s letting him back in? Maybe she needs someone to watch their kid. Divorce is complicated, raising a child is hard and who knows why people take one path when another presents itself as the more logical, sane and rational option. All very important things to consider. Still, let’s revisit Weiner’s very busy year.


In August 2016, the Post published photos that were allegedly sent from Weiner to an unnamed woman, featuring, among other things, a picture of his “bulge” encased in white Jockey briefs, as his son slept peacefully next to him. A few months later in October, the federal investigation into Weiner’s sexting scandal with that 15 year old girl in North Carolina caused renewed interest in the closed case of Hillary Clinton’s Freaking Emails days before the election. Last week, Abedin filed for divorce, on the same day that Weiner plead guilty to sexting that teen. He might have to register as a sex offender and faces 21 to 27 months in prison. That brings us to now: Anthony Weiner, a man whose inability to keep his schlong in his pants has surely embarrassed his wife during a very trying year in her career, is maybe getting yet another chance.

Who knows: Maybe Huma’s setting up the dunk tank as we speak.

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Huma. Honey. He’s not good for you. He’s not good for your son. You haven’t failed, I promise. You are doing what is best for your family. Don’t let him back in.