How Snooki Got Her Nickname

Snooki has officially made the big time: Her very own E! True Hollywood Story premiered last night. And while not very much was revealed about her current life—since she's been living in front of reality cameras and paparazzi lenses from the age of 21—we did learn how Nicole Polizzi came to be called "Snooki." According to the story, it happened when she was 12 years old, while watching the movie Save the Last Dance. There was a male character called Snook (who referred to himself as "Snook, the coochie crook) and Snooki liked the sound of it. She told everyone to call her that from then on and it stuck.

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Riveting. We will never plumb the depths of she who is known as Snooki.

...I'm glad it at least wasn't a "my little sister couldn't pronounce 'Nicole!'" story as is more usual with babyish nicknames.