How Not To Rehabilitate Your Image: Bombshell McGee Edition

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Michelle McGee is apparently "trying to change her Swastika-lovin', home-wreckin' image" using interviews and public appearances. In the process, she's providing all would-be image-rehabbers with a pretty good list of what not to do.


McGee has apologized to Sandra Bullock, but says, "I am not a homewrecker. I don't believe I destroyed their marriage. Jesse destroyed his marriage." This is accurate, and as Sady Doyle pointed out, Tina Fey's skewering of McGee was more than a little unfair (although McGee says she's cool with it). But although she supposedly "desperately wants to tell 'her side of the story' so people won't hate her so much," she's not doing herself any favors. Below, a few helpful tips for those who want to avoid her situation.

Don't schedule boxing matches with porn stars.

If you'd like to be liked, you probably don't want to be seen as parlaying your newfound notoriety into the kind of public appearances Dennis Rodman used to do after his retirement from basketball. Just sayin'.

Names are important.

If, as TMZ reports, you choose "the nightclub circuit" as the venue for your image rehabilitation, you might not want to call your events thereon "Bad Girl's Night Out." Try "Nice Misunderstood Girl's Night Out," or perhaps "I Swear I'm Not A Neo-Nazi."

Don't apologize ... and then say you'd do it all again.

In an E! interview airing later today, McGee says, "I hope she [Sandra Bullock] does watch this. I'm sorry this all happened. I want to apologize for her hurt and embarrassment." She also claims to have thought James was separated at the time of their affair. Still, she adds, "I would do it again." Now, McGee didn't necessarily owe anyone an apology, but "I feel bad, but not that bad" probably isn't going to win any Bullock fans over to her side.


Don't sell your story to the tabloids in the first place.

McGee also says "I'm sorry this went public" — but if you don't want to be known as the woman who had an affair with Sandra Bullock's husband, a first step might be not giving your sexts to In Touch. Then again, if you actually want to be seen as a "Bad Girl" who had a fling with a famous woman's husband, selling sexts is a great opening move. At some point along the line, if public opinion tips too far against you, you may need to make some half-hearted apologies, but being the "most hated person in America" is still pretty good for getting your name on everything from boxing matches to SNL. If this was Bombshell McGee's plan, she's doing a bangup job.


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I spent much of last year as the unwitting "other woman" to a married man, & I can you I was horrified to discover that I'd been duped into that which was anathema to me.

Upon discovering his lies, I tracked down & contacted his wife to offer her my truth, my sympathy, & accept any insults she felt like throwing my way.

Granted, my dubious boyfriend wasn't famous, & as such, no one save for my circle of friends & family would have been interested in the story, but rest assured that had there been anything to gain from the situation, I couldn't have been less inclined to build a platform of fame what any decent woman would regard as a point of sadness in the wake of multiple broken hearts. I was content just to have rid my life of a shitty of human being & walk away with my dignity intact.

I thus call bullshit on the claim that she was lied to by Jesse, & refuse to muster up even a modicum of sympathy for any woman (or man) that knowingly beds another's spouse. Nor do I choose to cite a feminist foul for anyone who opts to call her out for what she is. Her apologies are built on crocodile tears, not bona fide remorse. It's true that the real accountability lies with Jesse. He wrecked his marriage, but she need not have used her vagina to help him along.