Michelle "Bombshell" McGee: "I Feel Bad For Sandra"

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"I feel bad for Sandra," Michelle "Bombshell" McGee tells an Australian TV reporter in a video. She also says: "I do feel guilty, I feel bad."


She also claims she was "very confused" when she saw Jesse James at the Oscars with Sandra Bullock, because she thought they weren't together, and claims, "I feel like I was duped just as much Sandra was." And: "I think he should be going to lie rehab, not sex rehab." But McGee is relieved her story is out: "I feel good that Sandra knows the truth about it."

When asked to describe the appeal of Jesse James, McGee gushes, "He's tattooed." Yes, Michelle. Yes he is.

In other McGee news, when asked for her thoughts about Tina Fey's SNL jokes about her (Tina said her body "looks like a dirt bag's binder from 7th grade metal shop"), McGee said, "Tina Fey is funny. She's doing her job — to make people laugh… People like to pick on my tattoos and stuff. And, that's fine."

Now that that's taken care of, can we go back to not thinking about this woman?

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I think the things that she and Jesse did were unconscionable. But why is so much of the vitriol placed on her? Sure, she's quite obviously done the wrong thing, and she is for all intents and purposes, a "bad" person. But it takes two, and I feel like so much of the hate is directed toward her, and not the both of them. She didn't ruin the marriage, she AND Jesse ruined the marriage. Is this not a thing? Am I not noticing something here?

Also, how I wish there was a Lie Rehab.