How Much Money Do You Spend Replacing Lost Makeup Each Year?

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According to new research, the average British woman is losing lipstick left and right. She's such a klutz when it comes to her Kaboodle (tm), she spends about £15,872 (roughly $24,443.00) replacing lost makeup in her lifetime. That's a lot of misplaced Wet 'n' Wild!


Apparently women who put on their face during their morning commutes are constantly leaving behind lipsticks and the link. In fact, one in three ladies lose precious war paint on public transportation.

Now... I wonder if they account for the people who FIND makeup on the subway? Asking for a friend.

This research, conducted by UK’s largest online beauty retailer, also claims that twenty-seven percent of women feel "vulnerable" not wearing makeup, and that seventy percent of women would rather cut off their boobs (or whatever) than go makeup-less on a date.

They also say that fully six percent of women would rather lose their debit card than their makeup bag. I feel like that one would be higher, because you can always cancel your debit card but you can't replace discontinued Vincent Longo eyeshadow. Damn you, Forever Trio in Lavender!

Amy Bent, a 23 year old sales executive from Birmingham, said: 'I always take makeup with me on a night out and often some is not in my bag at the end of the night.

'It must fall out of my bag when I’m dancing or I misplace it when reapplying throughout the night.

'I think I’ve owned over 20 shades of pink lipstick in the last year and when you’re buying Chanel, YSL and MAC that doesn’t come cheap.

'When you sit and work it out, I must spend over £1,000 a year which is frightening - the price of a holiday.'

Really — $1,500 a year on makeup? I have the same blush stain from five years ago, and probably spend — I don't know? $100 a year? Maybe that's because I don't do my makeup on the subway? Or maybe I'm just cheapy mcugly face? Either way, I gotta be me/cheap/lazy. What about you?

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Imperator Furiosa

Zero (o) dollars, but mostly because I'm not an adult and am too embarrassed to ask how to use all of the various colourful ointments they have at Sephora. One day, I'm going to learn...

Unless you count Blistex. I spent about 4 trillion dollars a year replacing the Blistex that seems to teleport itself into another dimension.