On last night's Big Brother, a recently evicted house guest—Rachel—got to return for 24 hours. Bitter about being voted out, she accused one guy in the house of not being good at being gay. Whatever that means.

Was this girl expecting more glitter? Pride rings? Perhaps a shirt with a rainbow on it? Or maybe a parade? The only possible way that I can think that a man can "suck at being gay" is if he is in a sexual relationship with a woman. But Rachel, from her homophobic and myopic perch, has an idea of how a gay person is supposed to behave (outside of sexual orientation). In my estimation, she sucks at "loving gay people."

For those that don't watch Big Brother, here's a quick primer: Rachel was dramatic and annoying and got involved in a "showmance" immediately upon entering the house. She began having paranoid delusions that people were trying to kick her and her boyfriend out of the house because they are against "true love." She was always at the center of every fight in the house, which was great for fans, but annoyed the other house guests so they got rid of her. She was allowed back in to the house because of something called "Pandora's Box," which "unleashes something horrible upon the house." She clearly didn't get that part of it.