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Housewives Finale: The Matriarch Vs. The Clown

While last night's season finale featured the highly-anticipated face-off between Caroline and Danielle, unfortunately, no table was flipped. Perhaps the episode fizzled because previews for the reunion look mind-blowing. An extended sneak peek—of an irate Teresa—after the jump.


In the preview clip below, a group of people try to calm Teresa down as she's about to explode with anger at the fact that Danielle said something about the Giudice family (and something to do with Teresa's nephew?) before storming off the set. Andy Cohen has to do damage control in order to get the women to agree to start filming again. As you can see, lesbian superstar Lori Michaels is present.

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here's a link to the dressmaker's website who crafted those hideous outfits for Theresa's kids.


you're welcome in advance/i apologize in advance.