House Of Style Returns; So Do Jelly Shoes

On Saturday, MTV brought back its weekly fashion show House of Style. Just like the original, it had DIY segments, face time with designers, and a model host (Bar Refaeli) who sucks at talking.

But at least Bar is foreign. What was Cindy Crawford's excuse?

The episode featured 10 hot trends (as picked by Teen Vogue, which included friendship bracelets and jelly shoes, a trend that will seemingly never die), Erin Fetherston's tips on throwing a dinner party, and model Jessica Stam serving as a "recessionista rescue" by showing us how we can remain fashionable without spending money by…wearing things in our closets. The thing is, Jessica's closet is way different from the rest of ours. And while her idea of having a "bag swap" with your friends seemed nice, the bag she's holding in the segment is a Marc Jacobs Stam bag, which retails for about $1500.


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$175 for Jelly Shoes? Anything over $1 is over-paying...