"Hookers For Jesus" Aims To Save Souls

This morning on Today, Annie Lobert, founder of the ministry Hookers for Jesus—which has been turned into a three-part reality series Hookers: Saved on the Strip, premiering December 8 on Investigation Discovery—explained how she's saving women from sin.

Annie was a hooker/escort in various cities for 16 years before getting saved by religion. Now she's trying to help other women get out of the sex industry through her ministry Hookers for Jesus. And although she speaks about the difficulty behind her task, due to women being addicted to the money, having dangerous relationships with pimps, and suffering from what she refers to as PTSD, she doesn't ever really explain exactly how she counsels her targets (other than through the bible). However, there is a pretty entertaining "Hooker Glossary" on Investigation Discovery's website.

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She's married to the guitarist on Stryper.

Also, I'm curious why this sentence:

"suffering from what she refers to as PTSD." is written this way. I'd be surprised if alot of women who have prostituted don't have PTSD, given that especially when participating in street based prostutition, they are often violently beated and raped.