Sure, Alana Thompson and her family haven't raked in anywhere close to the estimated $55 million that Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift each did in 2012, but the Here Comes Honey Boo Boo star is included with them and other A-listers—like Anne Hathaway ($10 million), Channing Tatum ($15 million), and Brad Pitt ($35 million)—in Parade's anual "What People Earn" issue, that reveals the incomes of some of the highest paid celebrities. The Thompsons reportedly pulled in $50,000 per episode (shared as a family) last year, which doesn't put them in the same tax bracket as others featured in the magazine, but their inclusion in the list at all is worth its weight in 'sketti.

Celebrity Salaries Revealed! Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift and Honey Boo Boo Make How Much?! [E!]