Hit Girl to Dude in Kick-Ass 2: 'Take Your Tampon Out'

The Kick-Ass sequel hits theaters in August, and in this trailer, you see the character of Hit Girl — a 15-year-old vigilante played by Chloe Grace Moretz — in what seems to be a training session, beating up the character of Dave Lizewski, who masquerades as Kick Ass. She punches and kicks him, and then, as he lies on the floor writhing in pain, she delivers a line dripping with disdain: "Oh, take your tampon out, Dave."

Get it? She's calling him a girl. On her period. Because girls are weak. In the first film, the then-11-year-old Hit Girl had a ridiculously foul mouth — saying stuff like "I'm just fucking with you" and calling bad guys "cunts."


While it's awesome to see women in action roles, and refreshing to have a female teenage character who's not sexualized, the clearly-for-shock-value line using femininity as an insult rubs me the wrong way. But maybe I'm just being a girl?


[Deadline Hollywood]

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