Hit Girl to Dude in Kick-Ass 2: 'Take Your Tampon Out'

The Kick-Ass sequel hits theaters in August, and in this trailer, you see the character of Hit Girl — a 15-year-old vigilante played by Chloe Grace Moretz — in what seems to be a training session, beating up the character of Dave Lizewski, who masquerades as Kick Ass. She punches and kicks him, and then, as he lies on the floor writhing in pain, she delivers a line dripping with disdain: "Oh, take your tampon out, Dave."


Get it? She's calling him a girl. On her period. Because girls are weak. In the first film, the then-11-year-old Hit Girl had a ridiculously foul mouth — saying stuff like "I'm just fucking with you" and calling bad guys "cunts."


While it's awesome to see women in action roles, and refreshing to have a female teenage character who's not sexualized, the clearly-for-shock-value line using femininity as an insult rubs me the wrong way. But maybe I'm just being a girl?

[Deadline Hollywood]

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Pope Alexander
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Adding to this grossness, the number of dudebros who talked about their uncomfortable boners for her in the first movie and have said she's "not as hot" now. You know, since she went through puberty. Though more are still willing to fuck her underage body anyway, the troopers.

A sampler from her tag at FilmDrunk where the author regularly jokes that the FBI are monitoring him for the sexy things he's said about Moretz:

From a Kick-Ass 2 article:

Larry: Announcing Moretz’s age up front is a useful warning. 16 is the age of consent in many (wonderful) states, so you can walk down the street with your head, and balls, held high.

The Muffin Man: It’s my country the age of consent is 14 which really makes wonder just how freaky the law makers are around her

Moose: Bro, if she could handle taking a shot to the chest in part 1, she can handle taking a few shots to face now

JTRO: Well hello there Chris Hansen. What? No it’s not a child porn site it’s a FILM blog. Well most of the members think Cloe Moretz is hot. And yeah, they post sexy pictures and videos of her, but…she is pretty hot you have to admit that.

The Luchador: Is it weird that I don’t find Chloe as hot now that she’s older? It’s weird, right? Yea.

xlarti: It’s weird. But normal.

Kalbuck: She’s still a cutie, but I see what you mean. Either way, I’m gonna be really relieved when she turns 18 and I can stop looking over my shoulder at the public library. Mrs. Johnson is always judging me.

Rawhead Wrecks: It’s not her age, her face looks different. She’s gotten hard, dude. Fame and fortune has made her old before her tim

From a Carrie article:

Larry: Chloe Moretz actually can make things move without touching them. To wit, my dick.

Rawhead Wrecks: The biggest question about the remake is: what about the locker room and shower scene?! That’s a classic moment of world cinema!! You can’t change that. Oh hai, Chris Hansen…what brings you here?