Hipster Names Are Loping Towards Babies: Hello, Chopstick Macgillicuty

Are you pulling from the normal name tree this birthing season (WTF IS THAT, LAURA?) or are you all about naming your kid Evian Spritzer LeCharlejoix? If the latter is your cup of baby namin' tea, do we have a list for you!


The Stir put together a list of Hipster baby names and I genuinely like 98 of them. Uh oh. But come on — Clementine? Minnie? Tessa? Bear? Felix? ADORABLE! All of them! Ugh, I want 15 babies right now. Hurry up and name your baby something twee-as-fuck and then give them to me.

(Although, if/when it comes down to it, anything emerging from this ol' birth canal o' mine is gonna be named Laura jr. Or maybe Laura sr., depending on how wrinkly it is.)

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