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Hillary Clinton Tells Her Mother's Story In First TV Campaign Ad

On Sunday evening, Hillary Clinton released her first television campaign ad, which tells the story of her mother, Dorothy, who was abandoned by her parents when she was eight-years-old.


“People showed her kindness, gave her a chance,” Clinton says in the video. “When she needed a champion, someone was there. I think about all the Dorothies all over America who fight for their families, who never give up. That’s why I’m doing this.”

Watch the one-minute spot embedded above.

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This is a very positive ad, but with no real focus on the issues. I don’t dislike Hillary but her whole campaign feels too manufactured to me which is one of the reasons I’m Team Bernie. That said, I am very happy she is taking the high road instead of the fear-mongering approach she took in 2008. I really want this primary to be a positive campaign on all sides without all the nastiness and negativity there was in 2008. It’s easy to be that way now with Hillary having a large lead nationally and Bernie still being unknown to the extent he has nothing to lose sticking to his values. I worry if the rumors are true and Joe Biden joins the race things could take a turn for the worse.

Hillary’s mother undoubtedly had a hard life, but both Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders have had their share of tragic family backstory and financial struggles too. If people are going to vote for a candidate because they understand the struggles of working people, that candidate is probably not going to be Hillary.