Hillary Clinton Releases More Medical Information, Proving That She's Really, Actually Fine

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Hillary Clinton released medical information today amid much jibber jabber about her health in light of her recent pneumonia diagnosis. Good news, everyone: she’s fine.

Clinton’s doctor, Lisa Bardack, laid out the details of her illness in clear language, providing a detailed account of Clinton’s health, medications and a timeline of her recent illness – a stark contrast to the “medical interview” filmed by presidential candidate and plastic bag of dildos Donald Trump.

The much-ballyhooed pneumonia started off as a “low grade fever, congestion and fatigue,” and resulted in a CT scan, performed in Bardack’s office, on September 9th. The results of the scan were a “mild non-contagious bacterial pneumonia” for which Bardack prescribed bed rest, fluids and rest. I imagine one is quite susceptible to illness when campaigning against a terrible man with bad hair and worse ideas, but that’s my opinion and I’m certainly not a doctor.


According to ABC 7, Clinton spoke by phone in an interview with Anderson Cooper concerning her diagnosis. When asked why she didn’t discuss her pneumonia diagnosis until after it became abundantly necessary to do so, she said she “didn’t think it was going to be that big a deal.” Just like her email! Maybe. I don’t know.

The Clinton campaign also released Tim Kaine’s medical history, reporting that, aside from some “inactive plantar fasciitis,” he is in tip top condition. Great!

Clinton is fine. She goes to the dentist regularly. Her mammograms are great. She is in “excellent mental health” and is completely okay to run for president, and, if elected, serve.

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And Trump has yet to release explicit medical data or his TAX REPORTS..
While the media dives into Clinton’s info and scrutinizes it over many articles and reports..
the media reacts to a lack of any Trump info with a collective ¯\_(ツ)_/¯