Hillary Clinton Has Joined Instagram

The 2016 presidential campaign just got really real: Hillary Clinton(‘s social media team) is now on Instagram because that is where the Youths like to hang out. Her inaugural post is both patriotic and a wink to her undying love for pant suits.


The caption reads: “Hard choices,” which also happens to be the title of her fifth book. What synergy!

At the moment, she isn’t following anyone. It is unclear if she picked that up that move from her good friend Beyoncé.

Expect more carefully curated and blisteringly patriotic posts crafted to convince the public that Hillary is just a normal gal hoping to make some change and also make sure that Bill remembers that no, he doesn’t get to sit at the big desk anymore. Can’t wait to see who her first #mcm will be!

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Bears for President

Finally, a instagram account that combines my love of sensible fashion for older women with my love of anonymous trolls yelling about Benghazi.