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Beyoncé Is on Team Hillary

Mrs. Carter attended a Brooklyn fundraiser for Hillary Clinton Thursday night, thus assuring us at least a year’s worth of awful song title puns such as: Hil’s, Hil’s, Hil’s, Voteylicious, Partisan, etc, etc, etc.


A snapshot of Beyoncé at Clinton’s heavyweight Brooklyn fundraiser last night was posted to Twitter and the Beyhive responded with a resounding RT. Whoever is tweeting on behalf of Hillary Clinton even got in on the game.

Get ready for a bevy of hip fundraising pegs like “Ring the Alarm!” and “Who Run the World?” and basically the title to every single Beyoncé song, 75 percent of which could be repurposed to be the campaign slogan for a woman running for World Leader.


Only 543 days until the election!

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As long as Hillary’s policy positions keep moving to the left, to the left, I’m on board.

(Sorry guys. I had to.)