High School Students Design Curriculum, Surprisingly It's Not Seven Periods of Pizza

Thanks to the innovative curriculum at Monument Mountain Regional High School in Massachusetts, students work on semester long projects that they themselves design. Tasked with imaging their dream learning situation, the students are then set free to explore. (Well, they still have to run everything past teachers; this IS school.)

And these kids are GSD — writing novels, learning piano, and becoming environmental warriors. Which isn't that surprising, high school kids are basically adults without jobs. Kids, hurry up and get old so you can take all of our careers and let us retire in a nice little beach house in Sea Ranch with our ten pit bulls and XXL El Margarita Machino.*

I'm gonna need one of those kids to invent this.

[via BoingBoing]

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Sine Nomine

Wow, it must be incredible to grow up in a rich white neighborhood!