Vanderbilt University‚Äôs football team has been in PR crisis mode after two of its former players were found guilty of aggravated rape and aggravated sexual battery, a crime that the players blamed on a ‚Äúcollege culture of binge drinking.‚ÄĚ So, when the team tweeted out its new motto for this season, it was especially dumb.

I am honestly confused how brands fuck up so consistently and terribly. It is harder to think of a motto that is so blatantly offensive and rape-y like ‚ÄúWe don‚Äôt need your permission!‚ÄĚ than it is to think of one that is just sporty and fun.

Here are a few they could have opted for:

  • We are the best at football!
  • Cheer loudly because we are your friends!
  • Watch our college‚Äôs Southern gentleman run up and down the field!
  • We <3 tradition!
  • We are used to winning at things and like it!
  • Go, go, go!
  • We train hard and are more physically fit than other teams!
  • Violence is for the football field, not the bedroom!
  • College is for consensual experimentation!

Shortly after posting the motto and receiving swift internet vitriol, the team took it down and issued an apology:


Oh, by the way, those convicted players were later released due to a mistrial. Their next trial has been scheduled for November 30.


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