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'Hey, Fattie' App Has 'Hot' Guys Insult You Until You Lose Weight

Illustration for article titled Hey, Fattie App Has Hot Guys Insult You Until You Lose Weight

And then what? They'll finally e-date you? (Yay?)

The new app is called Nenshou — translates to "For Girls" — and features some slick-haired anime dudes being all "Fat girl, do some more exercise, okay fattie?" It's like being in a pocket-sized abusive relationship! I guess it also instructs you in workouts, and the more weight you lose, the more he comes around on the idea of getting busy with you. In your phone. I don't know, the world is so wack.


According to Bust:

The best part? It's derived for a similar weight-loss app (FOR MEN) which has a cute girl encouraging guys through their work out. But you know...with compliments and support. Apparently when it comes to female weight loss, commentary from hotties are only motivational if they're insults. Sounds legit.


Nice! So, the ladies get called names and the men get virtual blow jobs. Well, I guess that's life.

[via Bust]

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Ten Earth Imps

Wasn't there some scientific study recently that concluded that making people feel bad about their body image caused increased weight gain?