The folks at SLO Down Wines want you to pair their Sexual Chocolate vinage with pizza, pot, and pony play. I'm listening.


Even if none of those things are your jam, you definitely get the feeling that these ad people went ALL IN. Wine is generally/historically associated with hoity toity-ness — I remember busting into the AOL "wine lovers" chat room when I was but a wee obnoxious thing and asking if anyone enjoyed there enjoyed "Chateau Yo Mama". They were not amused. Mainly because it wasn't amusing, but also because it was serious wine lovers only kthxbai.


Anyway, SLO Down letting their freak flags fly in these spots might appeal to a certain demographic. If not, at least they tried something different. They really lived, ya know?

[via AdWeek]

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Once again Laura's photo seems eerily appropriate!

(And this time less uncomfortably than with the semen cocktails.)