Here's What a Simple $31 Million Wedding Looks Like

Angelababy (née Angela Yeung) is a popular Chinese actress, singer, and model who’s been referred to as the country’s answer to Kim Kardashian. But unlike Kim Kardashian, with her thrifty $12 million wedding with Kanye West, Angelababy doesn’t operate on the cheap: She shelled out $31 million for her recent nuptials.


26-year-old Angelababy is no stranger to drama: She recently subjected herself to poking and prodding by doctors in order to confirm that she hadn’t had plastic surgery, after suing a clinic for spreading rumors that she had undergone cosmetic procedures. Ugh. But her wedding has garnered another sort of attention.

What does a $31 million wedding look like? It looks like a ring worth more than $1.5 million by Parisian designer Chaumet (just diamonds upon diamonds upon diamonds). It looks like a custom Christian Dior gown which Forbes reports took five months to create and featured “15 feet of ivory satin organza, 165 feet of tulle, a 10-foot-long train and nearly a hundred hand-cut rose bouquets made of Chantilly lace,” plus an additional designer gown—Elie Saab—for the pre-wedding photo shoot. (I can’t tell you exactly how much those gowns cost, but a custom Dior has got to be in the six figures.) It looks like a reception with a ten-foot wedding cake shaped like a carousel that’s rumored to have taken a month to assemble. It looks like a lavish venue with giant screens featuring pictures of the bride and groom (actor Huang Xiaoming). It looks like every guest sashaying out of the party with a swag bag full of high-end merchandise—including a cell phone.

Aside from food, gifts, and haute couture, a huge chunk of the money must have gone towards the flowers, which, as every bride and groom knows, are horrendously expensive. I tried to get a flowered arch for my own wedding (when I wanted to elope to Vegas) and the cost quoted to me—starting at $7,000—is much, much cheaper than having an entire hall festooned with enough roses to impress more than 2,000 guests. Not even Bun Bun could have found fault with this shindig.

Angelababy thoughtfully provided a livestream of her wedding, but you can see some highlights in the video above. Just be warned: you might accidentally bite the inside of your cheek really hard as you seethe and struggle to comprehend the glorious monstrosity of it all.

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If I’m paying 31 million buckaroos for my wedding, it must include Idris Elba interrupting the proceedings, declaring his everlasting love for me and marrying me on the spot while David Bowie sings “Life on Mars.” For starters.