Here's the Funniest Soap Opera Clip You Will Ever See

Last week on General Hospital a Fourth of July barbecue turned into a traumatic, devastating event for a little girl that will make you laugh and laugh and laugh.

In the scene, Emma (the little girl) shows her baby doll to Britt (a grown woman) who freaks the fuck out when it tinkles on her and throws it in the air. The doll lands on the grill and immediately goes up in flames, causing one woman to scream, "I'll call 911!" But it was too late. The doll had already died.

Burn Baby Burn! GH’s Emma and Britt & Baby Ariel Fiasco Makes It Onto THE SOUP! [Michael Fairman Soaps]

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What's the worst thing your favourite toys went through? I got a small stuffed white cat from my dad once when I was around 4, and still have it, although it's barely recognizable. I always carried it around by the head, so that's barely holding on by the threads. Once, when I thought it was cold for some reason, I put it upside down on a lightbulb to warm it up, which left a brown scorch mark on the back of its head and its back and tail. Then, when I was older, two toddlers my mother was babysitting decided that the brown mark was poop, so they tried to flush it down the toilet. I still couldn't bare to throw it out. It's got a place of honour on my bookshelf, along with my old cabbage patch kid.