Here's That Half-Naked Prince Harry Mural You Probably Asked For

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London's Manbar is popping off with regulars and tourists alike — all looking to catch a glimpse of a shirtless Prince Harry. Un/fortunately, it's not the flesh-and-blood ginger nobleman, but instead a portrait in giant mural form. It's really great and everyone loves it. Well, except probably not the Queen, but who knows? Actually, I'm pretty sure we all know. This, combined with Duchess Kate's boob scandal (breasts! the horror!) is probably enough for Lilibet to abdicate the throne and relocate to the 20th century.


Now, why would anyone want to stare prolongedly at the younger, lesser (shut your mouth!) prince, you might think? Because Harry is a red hot ginger tramp.

Gay magazine QX named Harry a gay icon back in 2010 but Amos says the Prince's popularity goes back much further. "It probably began when we started seeing him in his army uniform. He's a real man — he's cheeky and sexy but he's also decent. That's what makes him a role model for us, as well as being a gay icon."


I can't wait to see the creative ways in which people pose with the mural posted on Twitter, I've already got my hashtags saved for easy scanning. Let's do this.

Prince Harry is topless (no, he's not gone back to Vegas) [London Evening Standard]

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I really don't understand the deal with him.

My fiance is 1,000,000 times hotter.