Here's Some Underwear That Get You Off

If you've got a long-distance partner you're looking to shock in the crotch, we've got the foundation garment for you!


Or, we will have them, eventually, maybe — right now it's just an experiment put together by Durex. In this commercial, a man and a woman wear underwear with sensors in them — they both also have smart phones with an app that allows them to control the other person's underwear. Sexily. (Although, it would be cool if they could make the other person to do a jig or the Beetlejuice dance? Cool, and also terrifying.)

What do you think — would you surrender your crotch to a long-distance lova's every desire? Or will you just stick with old fashioned phone sex, thank you very much?



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My dear, sweet brother Numsie!

Great, yet another thing I would need to worry about if I lost my phone and someone decided to use it.

Would that be cheating?