Here's Some Drama About Kim Kardashian's New Maternity Line, Starring Jameela Jamil and Chrissy Teigen

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And now, a very silly bit of micro-drama featuring Kim Kardashian, her latest SKIMS launch, the flapping jaw of Jameela Jamil, and Chrissy Teigen.

Over the weekend, Kardashian announced that she would be adding maternity “solutionwear” to her shapewear line SKIMS, which would provide “best in comfort and support for your changing body during and after pregnancy.”


Accompanying this message was an image showing a variety of pregnant people wearing soft and stretchy compression shorts and bras in a variety of neutrals. It looks like shapewear because the colors are nude. I don’t know if it actually is, but Jameela Jamil, a woman with bee perpetually in her bonnet about SOMEthing, couldn’t help but weigh in.

Anyway, it turns out that Jamil is incorrect, because SKIMS “maternity solutionware” is not meant to minimize the size of the pregnant body but to provide support for the extra weight of growing a child inside your actual body—a more aesthetically pleasing Thundershirt that does the work of those compression socks you’re supposed to wear on long flights. I didn’t know any of this prior to last evening, when I stumbled upon this drama in Kim’s Instagram story, narrated by Chrissy Teigen.


This is but a snippet of the seemingly-endless Instagram Story I watched last evening, but the impression that I get is that Jameela Jamil is wrong, Kim Kardashian is fine, and Chrissy Teigen is right. Great. Thank you. Case closed. [Buzzfeed]

Kitty Purry had her lil’ baby not too long ago—Daisy Dove Bloom—and Taylor Swift is continuing her attempt to prove that they don’t hate each other by sending said baby a gift.


Here’s the gift. It’s a blanket. It’s not bad.


Taylah’s embroidery skills far surpass mine, as I see she has at least attempted stitches beyond justa running stitch. Is that a serviceable french knot? Stem stitch? It’s nice to see that one of Taylor’s Victorian-era affectations is being put to good use. [Hollywood Life]

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OK, look, there’s very few things that get me upset, but that hand stitching is AWFUL. Look at those seams. An invisible stitch isn’t hard, I learned it as a child. And did she even use an embroidery hoop? look at all that puckering!

I’m sure she spent a long couple of hours on a weekday working on this while sipping a $130 bottle of pinot grigio, but I would be embarrassed to give that as a gift.