Here's One Reason Not to Harass Ladies on the Street

Obviously you should never meet violence with violence, but this hyperbolic video explores the inner turmoil that many of us feel when confronted with demeaning, disconcerting, and sometimes dangerous street harassment.


Secondly, this song is catchy as hell. True story: I accidentally made eye contact with my neighbor while singing along and so later tonight I'm gonna go over with cookies to explain what happened.

[Lana Shea]



DISCLAIMER: You should never meet violence with violence buuuttttttt

A couple weeks ago me and some girlfriends had a girls night and went bar hopping. As we were leaving the last bar we ran into some friends we knew outside. Some (REALLY DRUNK) guy came up to me and interrupted the convo I was having with some friends that I hadn't seen in years, and I told him plainly I wasn't interested (maybe with my bitch voice because I really wasn't in the mood). Typically he calls me a bitch and out of nowhere GRABS MY ASS and then walks off. Fuming, I ran after him and clocked him pretty hard with my clutch purse upside his head at least four times.

It felt really good. Am I a bad person??