Here's 'Monica Lewinsky' Weed, Just in Time for the Holidays

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2017 has decided it’s time to re-introduce you to Monica Lewinsky–with a buddy comedy, a promised American Crime Storyand now we’ve got one more iteration: meet Monica Lewinsky, of the eponymous weed strain. Weed branding, a blank slate for free-association; Monica Lewinsky. If that makes sense.


Monica Lewinsky doesn’t mind.


She shares the honors(?) with such titles as “stardawg” and “pooty tang.” This comes from Washington’s Sugarleaf Farm and retails for $104 per 14g. According to a tweet, they arrived at the moniker after calculating this equation:

Presidential Kush x Coogies = Monica Lewinsky

But what could have been an honorarium for America’s whipping-woman falls back to casual sexism for the Facebook promo: “Monica Lewinsky looking sexy as all getup. Look out Bill!!”


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I don’t love Monica Lewinsky but I was always her staunchest defender against the women of my mother’s generation who demonised her in starkest terms. She was the archetypal younger woman out for their husbands.

And I hope she feels throughly and fully vindicated by the #metoo movement.

She was viciously ostracised as a more conventionally attractive woman would never have had to endure. Even without the Internet, her reputation was torn, trashed, and vilified in ways that are solely reserved for young women. She had no way of fighting back, and was nearly universally blamed for the impeachment process of Bill Clinton.

She entered pariah status far too young, and I sincerely hope that she will be the figurative phoenix rising from the ash.

TL;DR Get it, Monica!