Get Ready for the Monica Lewinsky-Linda Tripp Buddy Comedy You Never Wanted

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Since our national longing has, for some inexplicable reason, turned its eye toward the 1990s insisting that slip dresses, plaid, and chokers are fashionable again, it seems only natural that the ’90s nostalgia would lead us back to the scandals of the Clinton Administration. According to Deadline, Amazon will be the first to revisit the Bill Clinton White House with Linda and Monica, a film that will explore the “budding friendship” of history’s oddest of odd couples, Linda Tripp and Monica Lewinsky.

Though Amazon Studio’s announcement is light on details, it’s safe to assume that Linda and Monica will retread the relationship between the two women (“friendship” seems like an odd description, considering what conspired) beginning in 1996. Lewinsky and Tripp met after both women had been transferred from the White House to the Pentagon, Tripp in 1994 and Lewinsky in 1996. Despite the age difference—Tripp is roughly 25 years older than Lewinsky—the two women became friends and Lewinsky eventually told Tripp about her relationship with then-President Clinton.


Like any good friend, Tripp immediately sought the advice of a literary agent who advised her to record her conversations with Lewinsky and, in September 1997, Tripp began doing just that. A year later, Tripp turned over the recording to Kenneth Starr and, as ‘90s kids know, we were forced to dissect the meaning of sex, blue dresses, and cigars for the next few years. I passed out just thinking about it.

Deadline notes that the script, written by Flint Wainess, is based on the recorded conversations between Tripp and Lewinsky. Amazon has yet to cast Linda and Monica, so take your bets on which two actresses will agree to star in this.

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