Here's Government Footage Of El Chapo Escaping His Jail Cell

News broke last weekend that notorious drug lord Joaquin Guzman (also known as El Chapo) had escaped his high security prison cell in Mexico via a very sophisticated tunnel. Now video has emerged showing Guzman making his escape.


If the video appears mundane, that’s because Guzman’s escape plot was so ingenious. Due to the fact that there are no cameras in the shower portion of the cell Guzman was occupying, Guzman was able to use the area as an entrance to his mile-long escape tunnel that was outfitted with lights, ventilation, and enough space for El Chapo to stand up in as he sauntered towards freedom. And while all this was going on, anyone actually watching security footage would have just assumed that Guzman was taking an extra-long shower.

As reported on Monday, the fact that Guzman’s escape was so successful has been a hard pill to swallow for Mexico’s government and the country’s citizens, with many believing that Guzman had internal assistance in both keeping his tunnel hidden and making his escape.


Guzman remains at large and is currently being hunted by authorities. While the government doesn’t have any concrete leads yet, it’s unlikely that the terrifying criminal and unrepentant murder is on his way to hurt Donald Trump or take a hardworking American’s job.

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Kenny and the Llamas

He’s coming for Trump’s job, man! El Chapo’s at least 75% slimy enough to run as a Republican. All he’s got to do is say something homophobic, something racist, and something misogynist and he could make the Fox debates!