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Here's Amy Winehouse Crooning On The Upcoming Nas Album

It's no secret that Amy Winehouse was a huge Nas fan (her song "Me & Mr. Jones" off the Back To Black album was written about the rapper before the two had ever met), so it's a small relief that she was able to collaborate with him multiple times before her untimely death in 2011. The pair's first collaboration appeared on Winehouse's posthumous Lioness, and now, nearly an exact year from her death, comes the second with "Cherry Wine." The song will appear on Nas' forthcoming album Life Is Good.


[Nah Right, Vulture]

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I don't want to sound uncompassionate - and I obviously respect the talents and musical contributions of people like Amy Winehouse and Whitney Houston - but can we please stop referring to their deaths as "untimely"? It was a miracle these women lived as long as they did after nursing the destructive addictions they had for so long. The "untimely" bit makes it sound like a car wreck or plane crash killed them.