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Here's a Raccoon Reading the Paper to Save Print Media

Illustration for article titled Heres a Raccoon Reading the Paper to Save Print Media

Yes, Virginia, raccoons do care about the state of print media, and they're concerned that everyone's relying too much on electronic means of communication these days. Here's one reading a newspaper while he still can and lamenting how technology has ruined everything.


The photo, which you can see over at Gothamist, was taken near Central Park and is actually pretty cute, if not entirely convincing to everyone. I ran the photo past noted raccoon expert Dodai Stewart and she said "yeah, I think he is eating something. It's a lie. He can't read." (Well, he's certainly not being encouraged by that attitude.) (I wanted to call the zoo and confirm if raccoons can read but was told not to because the people there are busy and don't have time to talk to me, so I can't ethically call this post Can Raccoons Read? An Investigative Report like I wanted to.)

In any case, this is pretty much the cutest thing you will see today, because there is literally nothing cuter than an animal doing human things. Nothing.


Image via Shutterstock

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the raccoon in the banner is shifty as fuck

look at him