Here's a Mugshot From the Night of Brock Turner's Actual Arrest

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Brock Turner has been getting very special treatment for a convicted rapist, and that includes the use of a nice headshot for most articles on his case. In it, he looks like a generic smiling white boy, which seems to be influencing how many talk about his crime.


After giving the run around on who was responsible for publicly releasing the photograph, the Santa Clara County’s Sheriff’s Department finally shared a booking mugshot of Brock Turner. Though significantly grimmer, that mugshot features a very trimmed and cleaned up version of Turner, as different from the image above as it is from his class photo.

This picture comes via Boing Boing, and was given to them by Stanford University’s Department of Public Safety, who first apprehended Turner after he was caught raping a woman on the Palo Alto campus. This is what Brock Turner looked like shortly after committing sexual assault.

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Have you seen the letter to the judge on behalf of his rape apologist friend Leslie Rasmussen? It's all boys will be boys, and college is to blame, and the victim should not be blamed but...then she goes on to blame the victim and talk about real rape vs. college rape, and how she knows him better than anyone and he's innocent and doesn't deserve what's being done to him. She puts his father's letter to shame in the fuckery department, and I didn't know anyone could sink lower. Leslie sure as shit did. And she submitted a photo from them in high school, because that's totally relevant to him being a rapist in college.