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Here We Have a Very Dolly Parton Pandemic Easter Message

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Like most Easter-celebrating Americans I know, Dolly Parton lived out her Easter Sunday on social media this year in an effort to practice social distancing. In fact, Parton joined the legions of celebrities (even Evangeline Lilly) who’ve become social distance #influencers. Because it’s Dolly, I find it delightful instead of annoying.


Parton posted an Easter video on Sunday acknowledging how weird it is to celebrate a major holiday in the middle of a pandemic, in which family time and big church gatherings are a no-no. “It’s a little different this year,” Parton admitted. “This year, we’re going to stay around the house a little bit, right?”

Parton says social distancing is no reason not to celebrate Easter. “Somebody said the other day, ‘Oh, we’ve had a rough week.’ Just think about the rough week that Jesus had.” Well, she has a point. Then she sang a song!


Considering there are evangelical churches all over the country flouting social distance recommendations and mandated shutdowns—some churches even held Easter services this weekend, despite record covid-19 deaths—Parton’s P.S.A. is actually helpful, considering her massive platform and diverse collection of fans. Also, as I said previously, she is a delight.

And this is but one of her efforts to help out amid the pandemic: according to CNN, she donated $1 million to Vanderbilt University’s covid-19 research, and she’s been reading bedtime stories on Facebook for anxious children stuck at home/for me, a Dolly Parton fan and anxious adult child who is also stuck at home.


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Bark My Words

Dolly, I stopped listening after, “You don’t need to go to church...”. It’s kinda my motto.