Image of pure joy via screen grab/ Facebook

Life is both very long and very short but trust me that the minute and change you spend watching Anthony Hamilton and pals the Hamiltones sing a song to a goat will be worth it.

Filmed at Goat Mountain at the Indiana State Fairgrounds and Event Center, Hamilton feeds a goat who’s either feeling blessed or stressed or maybe a little bit of both, while serenading it in lovely four-part harmony.

The goat in question, emboldened by the treat it was certainly not expecting on a random Sunday in August, gets grabby with the baby carrots as anyone would in a situation like this. I’ve watched this video at least five times in a row, Snapchatted it to my sisters and composed a B-side, sung to the same tune, but about dishes in the sink in my kitchen.

We never do find out who this goat belongs to, but I’m sure it’s fine.