Here Is Your Open Thread for The Young Pope Premiere

Photo Credit: HBO
Photo Credit: HBO

Our hip, hot Holiness makes his grand debut tonight when the first season of The Young Pope premieres on HBO. And after much speculation, and even more internet memes, I’m pretty curious. I expect you are too.

HBO has thrown itself aboard the prestige television train, and The Young Pope appears to be their latest effort. But based on the trailers, the show seems to be toying with genre. We might be inclined to identify the series as a drama, but then, it also looks deliciously campy. In terms of premise, The Young Pope also offers much opportunity for cutting, dark parody. In fact, the A.V. Club remarks that the show “has a healthy sense of sense of the surreal,” and that those of us writhing under the new Trumpian Nightmare might detect parallels between protagonist Pope Pius XIII (Jude Law) and the Donald (Toxic Burlap Bag). Hurray?

It’s clear that we’ll have plenty to discuss. Let’s take it away in the comments, shall we?

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I will be watching Victoria on Masterpiece instead. The 12 year-old in me that was obsessed with Elizabeth I and Victoria (yes, I was incredibly cool) is very excited.

Also, face-masking. I will definitely be masking. I finally remembered to pick up apple cider vinegar, so I can start using my $7 Amazon Secret clay mask again.