Here Is the Dancing Jeff Goldblum Video We All Probably Need but Certainly Do Not Deserve

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Jeff Goldblum is a man of mystery, which is probably for the best. He is also a man who seems to enjoy donning mixed animal prints and dancing in public, which is also for the best, in my opinion.


Indeed, Elle spotted an Instagram video of Goldblum in New Orleans this weekend, in the midst of the city’s very fun six-day LGBTQ Southern Decadence celebration. Goldblum, clad in a leopard print shirt and zebra print pants (very daring!) was caught on camera getting down to Normani’s “Motivation” on a French Quarter balcony overlooking the parade.

Here he is, dashing as always: says Goldblum was also spotted marching at the front of the parade, wearing the aforementioned animal print mashup and his signature zaddy glasses.

It sounds like the dots and stripes were part of the parade’s aesthetic: per, parade producers usually pick one color theme, and this time they “chose polka-dot and striped patterns in deference to co-Grand Marshal Will Antill’s color blindness.” Either way, it’s a good look, and one I may or may not cop for the month of #Sextember. []

On a much more serious note, police in Ventura County, California are investigating a claim made by Britney Spears’s ex-husband, Kevin Federline, that former father-in-law Jamie Spears physically abused his and Britney’s 13-year-old son in an incident last week.


Per TMZ:

Our sources say Jamie broke down a door to get to his grandson and grabbed him once he was in the room — however, we’re told there were no visible bruises or injuries to the child. Still, the incident was serious enough to Kevin that he reported it the next to day to the Ventura Co. Sheriff’s Department. We’re told investigators have already interviewed witnesses and turned over their findings to the D.A.’s Office.


Earlier this month, Federline and Spears finalized an agreement awarding him majority custody over their two sons, having previously split custody 50/50. [TMZ]

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I can’t even remember when I started having lady wood for JG a long long long time ago. He is sooo my cup of tea.