Jeff Goldblum Finally Acknowledges Zaddiness

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Jeff Goldblum, a man you can’t help think about without muttering zamn, zaddy under your breath, has finally recognized his zaddiness. While answering questions over a plate of tempeh-based vegan buffalo wings with various hot sauces of extreme intensities for YouTube channel First We Feast’s “Hot Ones” show, host Sean Evans asked the Jurassic Park actor if he was familiar with fans online (specifically, those on Instagram using the hashtag #JeffGoldblum) calling him “daddy.”


With that million dollar smile, he responded:

“It’s sweet. Isn’t that sexy talk? It’s sexy talk. And I am a daddy, literally…so even if they mean ‘Hey, daddy,’ or daddy; I am daddy. And if they mean zaddy, sometimes they say ‘zaddy.’ What’s that mean?”


He leans in, breaks for Evans to attempt to define “zaddy,” and gestures to the spiciest hot sauces on the table. He continues:

“The spicy daddy. Yeah, sure. I like it. Zaddy!

Watch it around the 10:40 minute mark. Then watch the whole thing, maybe, I don’t know, he’s so damn fine. God.

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Good, it’s about time.

15 year old me spent a lot of time pondering Jeff Goldblum's zaddyiosity, and it wasn't even a thing then. It was the 90s and he was wearing a lot of leather. It was a confusing time.