Here Is A Fan Clinging to Enrique Iglesias

What would you do if you were ever leaping distance from Enrique Iglesias? You would LEAP, you stupid girl!!!!!


According to E! News, a courageous fan jumped onto the stage at a concert in Azerbaijan and clung to the sex symbol as security guards attempted to toss her away. But Enrique didn’t let them toss her away! He defended her, like I always thought he probably would.

If you are that girl, get in touch with the following information: how Enrique smelled, how his shoulders felt, was his zip up jacket soft, was he sweaty, how do you feel now, have you showered?

Senior Editor, Jezebel

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Colored Francie

Of course he was cool with it. It’s his shtick. I’ve seen him at some festivals twice and he will open-mouth kiss you if you’re the lucky girl he invites on stage.