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Here Are Some Pictures of Celebrities Enjoying Hot Dog Day

Illustration for article titled Here Are Some Pictures of Celebrities Enjoying Hot Dog Day

The day after July third is a 24-hour period during which America feels itself by lighting gunpowder on fire while eating delicious grilled logs of ground, processed meat waste alongside tubers slathered in mayonnaise. Celebrities are not above Hot Dog Day participation, and lucky for us, they’re also not above Instagramming their patriotic endeavors.


Let’s see how much more fun all the famouses had on It’s Ok To Wear Those Flip-Flops Day than those of us stuck indoors blogging about them:

Padma Lakshmi’s flag cake is a damn good flag cake.


Busy Phillips named 4 July, Year of Our Lord 2019 the day scrunchies rose again, as was long prophesied.

Selma Blair’s dog Pippa stayed hydrated.


The Legends-Teigen fled the country.


Drew Barrymore shimmied while shielded by patriotic cover, presumably to the beat of her Spotify playlist.


Happy Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston Memorial Day! Never forget!

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I had literally just forgotten HiddleSwift was a thing, and you had to go and remind me.