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Her Hair, It's Down

Illustration for article titled Her Hair, Its Down
Image: Vogue/Craig McDean

Continuing the recent celebrity trend of being entirely unrecognizable on the cover of a magazine, Ariana Grande let’s her hair down—both literally and, perhaps, figuratively—on British Vogue’s July cover.

Illustration for article titled Her Hair, Its Down

Looking at these images, photographed by Craig McDean, your eyes might tell you that this is actually a photo of The Hills’ Whitney Port or Game of Thrones’ Emilia Clarke, but your eyes are foolish and wrong. It is Ariana Grande, tiny queen and songstress, no longer a baby, but a grown woman with the long flowing locks and a fresh spattering of freckles from a makeup artist’s brush to prove it.

Managing Editor, Jezebel

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You guys gotta look further down the rabbit hole! THIS IS CLEARLY POST-SURGERY MELANIA IN HER NEW IDENTITY.