Helen Mirren Now Travels By Manservant

Image: Getty

When Lady Gaga arrived at the Grammy Awards in a giant egg carried by a team of manservants, she had an entire story about incubating for 72 hours and then hatching on stage to explain her choice of transportation. But when Dame Helen Mirren was similarly carried via litter into the premiere of her new television series Catherine the Great she needed no such explanation. Onlookers simply observed a queen who had recently played a queen arriving at a celebration of both queens on a throne hoisted by robed attendants and said, “Yes, that is right and good.”

The best thing about these photos, apart from how natural Helen Mirren looks emerging from a throne situated inside a portable brocade wunderkammer, is how ready her attendants look to defend her to the death against coarsely-attired bystanders.

Image: Getty

Here is one more of the grande dame thanking her loyal servant for his humble service.

Image: Getty

I sincerely hope the sedan chair trend catches on among legendary English actresses. Dame Margaret Smith hardly need exert herself going around on two legs when there are plenty of able-bodied men available to carry her in the comfort and style of which she is deserving.

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