Heather "Dooce" Armstrong Tells Oprah How Blogging Saved Her Life

Yesterday's Oprah focused on the "new" kind of motherhood, in which women use humor to share experiences, mistakes, and lack of maternal instincts. Heather Armstrong Skyped in to talk about how her blog "saved" her.

After her first child was born, Heather suffered from a debilitating bout of postpartum depression, and said that her blog was a lifeline, because she was able to share stories with other women who felt similarly, and was reassured that what she was going through was normal. Today, Heather and her husband work full-time on her blog, and rake in $40,000 a month in advertising.


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I don't like her blog probably because I can't relate at all but really I don't care about what mascara you buy or your dog. Also she has advertisements from McDonalds. That doesn't sit well with me. Best of luck to her though.