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Heartbreak City: Blind Man and Dog Who Saved Him Might Be Separated [Updated]

Illustration for article titled Heartbreak City: Blind Man and Dog Who Saved Him Might Be Separated [Updated]

Yesterday morning, 61-year-old blind man Cecil Williams fainted and fell into the tracks at a Harlem subway station. His guide dog Orlando acted quickly, barking to alert others about Williams' fall and then hopping down to try and help him. Unfortunately, a train came quickly and Williams had to hold Orlando closely to him while the train passed over them. Thankfully, Williams suffered only a cut to his head and bruises and Orlando was totally fine. Williams is in a hospital where he's recovering with his adorable buddy by his side.


Heartbreakingly, these two are in danger of being separated. Come January, Cecil's insurance will no longer cover the cost to care for Orlando. If you want to donate to help keep them together, you can do so here.

UPDATE: Animal lovers and New Yorkers have raised some $45,000 to ensure that Cecil and Orlando can stay together. Merry Christmas, everyone!


Image via AP

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No, no, no. We will NOT let this happen!! Post this story over and over tomorrow, cross-post it to all of Gawker media. We can make a difference!!!!!!