HBO Gets How Weird It Is Watching Game of Thrones With Your Parents

The latest commercials for HBO demonstrate just how freaking awkward it is to sit through a show like Game of Thrones or Girls with your parents, even if your parents are trying to be cool about it.

The new commercials are for HBO Go, emphasizing how easy it is (in theory) to watch your favorite shows without the presence of a mom who constantly wants to talk to you about how cool she is with what you're seeing on television. Or a dad who wants to tell you that while he didn't cheat on your mom, he maybe could have.

I remember the first awkward sex scene I watched with my mother. The scene was the worst kind of sex scene you can watch with your mom—loud panting, lots of breast and ass groping, screaming and all that. I was mortified. My mother looked bored, like she was watching a documentary on soybean growing techniques. That's when she leaned over and whisper-shouted in my ear "THEY'RE ALL FAKING IT. THIS IS FAKE SEX, BECKY, " and then went back to eating her popcorn. Good times.


Mashable has a round-up of all the new HBO Go c0mmercials here.

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