As Justin Timberlake is unlikely to cough up one (1) nut for this eveningā€™s Super Bowl viewers (as my colleagues here at Jezebel have advocated) in retribution for revealing one of Janet Jacksonā€™s breasts at Super Bowl XXXVIII, we can instead observe #JanetJacksonAppreciationDay. Recall how after Timberlake tore off one of her breast cups (for reasons still shrouded in mystery), and yet only Jackson was forced to apologize effusively on television and was blacklisted from the Grammys that year? And then she had to quash rumors yesterday that she would be dredging up the episode again by performing with Justin Timberlake on Sunday. Because sheā€™s still saddled to nipplegate in the popular imagination, while, seriously, why isnā€™t anybody talking about Justin Timberlakeā€™s balls??? The disparity has not gone unnoticed, and today we hail her contribution to music.