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It seems like the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge only just blessed the world with their first future heir to the throne, but it turns out that was a whole other baby, because there are so many royal babies now that I can’t keep up. Anyway, Prince George turns six on Monday, which means we’ve got about a decade until the tabloids start documenting his bad fancy dress party costumes. Enjoy the peace and quiet while you can, kid.


Kensington Palace released some new photos of George in honor of his big day, and they are very cute. An important revelation here is that little George has started losing teeth, as is a six-year-old’s custom:


Aw! It looks fun, to be six.

My question is: how do the royals handle lost teeth? Does Prince George have a Tooth Fairy? I remember mine being a real miser who only gave me a quarter for each tooth I lost (even though Josh B. said his Tooth Fairy gave him $10-a-pop) but I have to imagine the Royal Magic Tooth Collector doles out the big bucks, like a crown jewel, or a diamond scepter, or the bones of a poet buried in Westminster Abbey.

Whatever the deal, I hope George savors the Tooth Fairy gifts, because the only tooth-related presents you get as an adult are surprise root canals. Royal or not, time and decay come for us all.


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