Handler Smacks Down Hilton For Rumors About Her Hoo-Ha

Perez Hilton hit Chelsea Lately yesterday to discuss host Chelsea Handler's vagina, which Hilton claims Handler had altered. (Hilton wasn't referring to Handler's felt ladyflower, a gift from a much better behaved guest, Amy Sedaris.)

When Hilton appeared last week on The Howard Stern Show, he accused Handler (not for the first time) of having surgery to reduce the size of her labia. In this short clip, Hilton manages to insult both Handler and Lauren Conrad's "lady bits" , telling Chelsea that if she has undergone cosmetic surgery on her reproductive organs, she could be a "role model to women, if you were open about it." Handler ended the discussion by pulling out her cloth vagina, and saying the only real thing you can say to all this crap: "at least it's something to talk about."

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He'll go away if you stop paying attention to him! Honestly though, part of me pities him... kinda like the way you pity Gollum in Lord of the Rings: you know he's evil and would cut you in a second, but you can physically see how much he clearly hates himself, so you can't all the way hate him...