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Amy Sedaris was on Chelsea Lately last week and she did a presentation on vaginal cleanliness using a felt vagina model designed by Todd Oldham. Click the picture at left to see the video of Amy dispensing tips on how to entertain the elderly, cut up a butter box to give the Land O'Lakes lady boobs, and of course, make your vagina "taste good and smell good." [Via Stop Whispering]Click to view


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zap rowsdower

Ugh. I love her so much. I've met her twice and each time I start to stammer and mumble like an idiot. My friend was in the bathroom at a Bust Mag event and she and Amy were at the sinks next to each other. My friend leaned over and said "I'm totally going to tell all of my friends that I was in the bathroom with Amy Sedaris." and she responded "And you can tell them that I washed my hands!"