Hamster Bartenders Are All the Rage in Japan (Where Else)

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Pass it on: hamsters are the hot new mixologists. Pretty sure bars in Williamsburg, Silver Lake, and the Mission will be crawling (literally!) with these little guys. Throwing cherries in Manhattans and recommending Yamazaki Single Malt for your evening indulgence. It's like Ratatouille, but CUTER. Yeah, I said it.


Oh. My. God.

h/t Megan Rascal



Great. And all those years of making excuses as to why my hamsters and gerbils didn't work—why I was always the one putting money in their college funds—and it turns out they could have been working the whole time. Earning money for themselves! Pulling themselves up by their own tiny bootstraps!

This is what happens when we rely on trickle down economics! Hamsters and gerbils FINALLY start working!

And Mark, can I pretty pleeeeeeeaaaase be out of the greys?