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Hamilton's Phillipa Soo Will Return in Amélie on Broadway

Illustration for article titled iHamilton/is Phillipa Soo Will Return in iAmélie/i on Broadway

Phillipa Soo will play the lead in the upcoming Broadway production of Amélie after she’s done with Hamilton. I’m sorry to have to relay the news that Hamilton continues to completely fall apart.


Don’t worry, the show will be fine! Soo’s role as Alexander Hamilton’s wife Eliza Schuyler in the musical earned her a Tony nomination. Though sources confirmed her exit last week, now we know we’ll see her again soon in Amélie, A New Musical when it hits Broadway in 2017.

The musical, based on the wonderful French film, is familiar for Soo, who, Broadway World reports, “originated the role Amélie in the workshop productions.” Soo says she’s “excited to step back into the shoes of this character. She is joyous, complex, and determined, in her own small way, to change the world for the better.”


As of July 9, Lin-Manuel Miranda is also leaving Hamilton, to be replaced by his understudy Javier Muñoz. More of the cast will likely depart. And the show will be fine! Amélie opens on Broadway next spring after a preview run in Los Angeles this December. In the meantime, you can not watch Hamilton or you can watch some of Hamilton in a documentary that airs on PBS in October.

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Miss Chanandler Bong

Hold up. So 2017 is bringing us “Hello, Dolly!” starring Bette and Niles Crane AND a musical version of Amelie? Look out NYC. Miss Chanandler Bong is going to be nerding out allll up in you.